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A word from our Principal

“From my own journey, I've learned the value of discovering hidden strengths.

Let's explore yours and turn them into your business's success stories!"

Tudor Iliescu, Principal

Strategy & Business Growth

Business Development

Strategic market research, effective business planning, and guidance for market entry and expansion.


Boosting brands, dynamic digital strategies, unconventional tactics, and deep customer engagement.


Financial planning, dynamic fundraising, efficient tax structuring, and broad risk management.

Operations & Organisation


Streamlining processes, guiding tech implementation, and driving digital transformations for industry success.

Team and Leadership

Developing leaders, improving employee relations, succession planning, and transformative workshops.

Change and Sustainability

Streamlining mergers, managing crises, facilitating effective negotiations, and guiding sustainable practices.


Real experiences, real results.

“As lead business developer, Tudor has played a key role in our ventures. And throughout our successes as well as our failures, he has been composed, insightful and determined.

Tudor acquired a rare understanding of legal and financial aspects, which proves extremely useful in mitigating business risks and saving money.

Excellent at building resilient organizations and passionate about pushing new ideas, I've witnessed Tudor evolve into a great entrepreneur.”

Dan Boabeș, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Everyone likes to consult with specialists, but I often find it much more useful to consult with generalists.

True generalists are rare and extremely valuable and Tudor is perhaps the best one I've worked with. And he's foolish enough to sell his time, so I'm buying as much as I can.

Andrei Nedelcu,  
Founder at "There's An AI For That"

Tudor's ability to empathize with and engage local partners, customers, and team members was instrumental in our success.

He didn't just manage from a distance; he immersed himself in the local culture and business landscape, building relationships and trust that were crucial to our growth.

This hands-on, culturally sensitive approach to leadership is rare and was a key factor in our ability to navigate the complex and unfamiliar terrain of the Mongolian market.

Amar Baatartsogt, Climate Tech Expert

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Turn your unknowns

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